Insphere Coaching helps business leaders increase their influence and build stronger relationships.

Insphere Coaching was founded in 2011 by Sarah Hughes.  Sarah is a qualified Executive Coach and NLP practitioner with 20 years’ experience of sales and marketing to the financial services sector. She has coached directors and managers from a range of businesses, resulting in better client relationships and stronger teams.

Sarah has an MA in Coaching & Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University, where she is also an Associate Lecturer. She is a Member of the Association for Coaching and adheres to the European Mentoring & Coaching Council's Code of Ethics.


About Sarah Hughes – Principal Coach

Sarah discovered the impact of coaching whilst working in a high-pressured City sales job. She wanted to build stronger client relationships, and got herself an Executive Coach. 

“Early in my career, coaching gave me the confidence to build relationships with people who were far more senior than me, and overcome any fear of rejection.  By the time I left, a colleague commented that as a result of my efforts, the company now had great relationships with clients we had previously had minimal contact with.

“Later, as an experienced Sales Manager, I used coaching techniques to build rapport with a tough negotiator from an investment bank.  These skills gave me confidence to renegotiate a contract, tripling its value.

"Executive coaching enabled me to make sales I wouldn’t otherwise have made.”

Now Sarah works with senior business people who want to increase their influence and build stronger relationships with their colleagues and clients.  She has coached CEOs, Directors and Managers from a range of businesses, resulting in better client relationships and stronger teams.

“Executive Coaching made a huge difference to me, professionally and personally. So I’m passionate about helping the people I coach to discover new skills and build better business relationships.”