Advanced Sales Skills

Build rapport easily, discover the psychology of buying and pitch more persuasively.

Advanced Sales Skills coaching enables you to:

Build rapport – even with awkward clients

“People like people like themselves.”

Do you find some clients harder to persuade than others?  It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it that counts. 

We introduce you to four common styles of communication. Most of us use one or two styles which come naturally. 

We identify your preferred style. Then we share simple ways to build rapport with – and influence – your clients. Even those who don’t share your style. 

As a result, you’ll build rapport quickly and find that communication flows much more easily.


The psychology of buying

Discover modern psychological research into how people make decisions.  (Hint: it’s not based on logic, no matter what they tell you!) 

Drawing on our extensive sales experience and influencing techniques, we introduce you to our 5 keys to influence.

From internal and external frames of reference, to Cialdini’s 6 laws of influence - we help you apply these insights so you structure your proposals more persuasively.

You’ll discover how to present your ideas in a client-focused way.  And we share NLP techniques to enable you to connect with people quickly and effectively.


Network with confidence

Winning new business can demands courage. Courage to network, confidence to make contact with a prospective client - and the courage to ask for new business.

Whatever your role, we help you overcome fear, and find your own natural style.  We equip you with simple ways to make new contacts at business networking events, industry conferences or by phone.

We show you how to pitch your business confidently and how to know when – and how - to ask for the business.  You’ll craft your own 30-second ‘elevator pitch’ so when that chance encounter comes along…. you’re ready.


Client-focused selling

The best sales people sell to individuals.  Because companies don’t buy – people do!  And each person buys differently. 

When you’re busy, it’s tempting to try the same approach for every client. Our preparation checklist enables you to make your sales process more client-focused, so you’re not relying on assumptions.

You’ll discover how the individual – and their company – like to buy.  You’ll learn why you should be willing to discuss your competitors.  And you’ll discover key questions you need to ask to understand each individual’s buying patterns. 

Then you’ll be ready to sell on value rather than price.


Negotiation skills (including body language)

A win-win negotiation starts with knowing what the other person wants.  And what you want.  We share a checklist of 5 questions you must have answered before you start negotiating. 

We help you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and understand what ‘wins’ they need. 

Using roleplays, you’ll discover when to negotiate and how to avoid common pitfalls – e.g. negotiating too early.

We also demonstrate how your body language can encourage an open sharing of views. And we help you manage the non-verbal signals you send out.


Improve your sales numbers

In Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), Stephan Schiffman proposes that common sales ratios are 20:5:1. 20 cold calls = 5 real prospects = 1 sale. 

Knowing your own ratios helps you focus your efforts for greatest results. We introduce you to 5 ways to improve your sales ratios.

As a result of sales coaching, one tele-sales executive doubled his number of daily calls by changing the way he pitched to new prospects.  See Testimonials for more.

Read our Case Study of how a lawyer from a global professional services firm used pitching skills in negotiations.