Date Posted 29.11.19

Why did I leave an established sales career to retrain as an Executive Coach? In my new YouTube clip, I talk about my own experience of coaching, its benefits and how much I love helping people develop personally and professionally. Watch it here:

Date Posted 07.05.14

Transition is challenging. Leadership coaching helps you enhance your skills and navigate transition wisely.

Transition is challenging. When facing uncertainty, some executives focus on self-protection to the detriment of teamwork. Motivation and productivity can be affected.

Leadership coaching helps you enhance the skills you need to navigate transition wisely.

Date Posted 21.12.13

Annual appraisals can be fraught with anxiety. Done well, they offer great opportunities for personal development.

Since my last blog post, several clients told me they refer to my PASS model whenever they are preparing for a sensitive conversation, so I thought I would share it here.

If you are holding appraisals for your team, you may find it useful:


Date Posted 26.09.13

A senior executive recently asked me to help her handle a sensitive conversation.

One of her team, Kate*, co-ordinated the organisation’s bids for new projects.  As Kate approached deadlines, she felt overwhelmed and lost track of her tasks - tasks which her manager had to pick up at the last minute.  Feeling frustrated, Kate would often speak sharply to fellow team mates.

The manager wanted to know the best way to handle the situation.  She hated conflict, and avoided it whenever she could. 

Date Posted 02.07.13

As I was agonising over what to write in this - my first ever blog – the answer became clear: perfectionism.

Over the years, the urge to make things perfect has led to some painful results:

  • Decisions can take weeks. (And occasionally years!)
  • Finishing projects can take forever. And I could have used that time for something new.
  • Stress!

One of my clients, an IT manager, was missing deadlines because he hated signing off on tasks. His perfectionistic urge drove him to keep re-working them. 

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