Lead through transition

Transition is challenging. Leadership coaching helps you enhance your skills and navigate transition wisely.

Transition is challenging. When facing uncertainty, some executives focus on self-protection to the detriment of teamwork. Motivation and productivity can be affected.

Leadership coaching helps you enhance the skills you need to navigate transition wisely.

How does coaching help?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that 86% organisations use coaching (Annual survey report 2011, p. 23). Business leaders use coaching to help them grow their team’s motivation, lead change and enhance their skills e.g. to communicate with influence.

For example, the director of a financial services software business used Insphere Coaching to prepare him for more international responsibilities. Together, we created a personal development strategy, which we worked through over several months.

He discovered practical techniques which help him communicate with even more impact. As a result, his team members feel “inspired” and “motivated” by his positive outlook, and he now enjoys stronger relationships with the heads of other business units. 

New skills

Transition demands new skills. Jim White, Managing Director of Echo Managed Services, found that coaching gave his leadership team time out to reflect and explore new ways to deliver results even more effectively. Read what other clients said.

Get in touch so we can help you identify one or two key areas in which - if you make significant personal development - could add real value to your business and your career.

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