Business Development for Partners

We equip leaders who don’t work in sales to open new client relationships, identify new opportunities and close good deals.

Business Development for Partners includes:

Partners of law firms, accountants, directors and other business owners are expected to develop new business. This may require networking skills, listening and rapport-building to build deeper client relationships. And the courage to ask for new business.

By building your business development skills, you increase your value to your firm.  And make your role more enjoyable!

For example, a senior lawyer from a global professional services firm was surprised to realise how often she needed ‘sales’ skills in her role. Through coaching, she discovered how she could use pitching techniques in negotiations to persuade the counterparty to accept her proposal.

Whatever your background, we equip you with simple ways to build new business contacts and insightful questions which reveal how you can help your client achieve their goals.  We help you recognise buying signals and develop the confidence to ask for new business.

These units have been selected specifically for those for who do not come from a sales background. You may also wish to select units from our other modules to develop the range of skills you want.


Effective Networking

Winning new business can demands courage. Courage to network, confidence to make contact with a prospective client - and the courage to ask for new business.

Whatever your role, we help you overcome fear, and find your own natural style.  We equip you with simple ways to make new contacts at business networking events, industry conferences or by phone.

We show you how to pitch your business confidently and how to know when – and how - to ask for the business.


Perceptive questioning & listening skills

The key to building strong client relationships - and identifying new business opportunities – is understanding what motivates your client. (The individual and their business.)

We show you how to create powerful questions that get to the heart of what your client wants.

Our questions are based on modern psychological techniques that go deep quickly - even when you have little time. And we demonstrate active listening skills to help you perceive what others are really saying.

By creating time to listen to your client, you can change conversations from ‘transactions’ into partnerships.  


Pitch persuasively

A strong pitch enables you to persuade others.  By consistently pitching well, you build your reputation, position yourself as an expert, and even increase your value to your organisation.

Working on a situation you face, we lead you through a 4-step process to clarify what you want to say, how to grab their attention and when to make a clear call to action and how to deliver it with impact.

To increase your impact, you can follow this unit with Assertiveness coaching. See our Career Development pages for details.


Communication styles

 “It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it that counts.”

Do you find some people harder to persuade than others?  Often, a great proposal alone isn’t enough to win a new client. 

Research based on the psychoanalyst Karl Jung’s work identifies four styles of communication. Most of us use one or two styles which come naturally. 

We identify your preferred style. Then we share simple ways to build rapport with – and influence – your clients. Even those who don’t share your style. 


Key account development

“80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients.” So the old adage goes.  Developing business from existing clients is often easier – and much less costly – than winning new clients.

Which accounts have most potential to grow?  During coaching, you will create a clear strategy for identifying clients with big potential - and developing them. 

We help you deepen existing relationships, and move from a simple ‘transaction’ to become the client’s trusted partner.  You’ll learn how to ask for referrals so you can expand into other areas of large organisations.

You’ll also learn to identify in advance client business that is at risk – and be proactive to safeguard your existing clients.

Read a Case Study of how one Managing Director uncovered a new business opportunity.


Negotiation skills (including body language)

A win-win negotiation starts with knowing what the other person wants.  And what you want.  We share a checklist of 5 questions you must have answered before you start negotiating. 

We help you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and understand what ‘wins’ they need. 

Using roleplays, you’ll discover when to negotiate and how to avoid common pitfalls.

We also demonstrate how your body language can encourage an open sharing of views. And we help you manage the non-verbal signals you send out.