Career Development

Clarify what you want, be confident and assertive, and play to your strengths.

Career Development coaching includes:

Clarify what you want

Coaching gives you clarity.  It enables you to take ownership. It shows you what is within your control - often far more than you think!

Working through a clear process, we help you clarify what you want. We consider what resources you need.  Then you choose achievable (SMART) steps to get you where you want.

You get the best results from coaching when you are held accountable for putting your chosen actions into practice. That’s why we recommend six sessions to help you embed changes and build momentum. 


Champion your career

Career Development coaching is all about you

Managers can feel isolated, under pressure to achieve more with less.  Your coach acts as your encourager, advisor and sounding board. 

One Operations Manager commented what a lifesaver coaching had been. It gave her the chance to step back from the daily rush and assess what was going well, what needed changing and how to achieve her goals.

Or perhaps you feel the job you want is out of reach.

We help you uncover attitudes and habits that may be holding you back, and replace them with empowering new beliefs.

We help you identify barriers to success and overcome them to realise your full potential.


Play to your strengths

By working to your strengths you:

  • Improve your performance
  • Use your team effectively
  • Boost your confidence

Working to your strengths allows you to focus your efforts where you’ll get greatest return. It shows you when to rely on your team. And frees you from the pressure of trying to be the best at everything!

One Senior Manager from a global professional services firm reported that knowing he didn’t have to be best at everything gave him confidence to be himself. Now he focuses on playing to his strengths and relies on his team’s skills to complement his own.

We use an online diagnostic test to identify your strengths. Then we meet one-to-one to explore how you can play to your strengths in your current role.


Effective decision-making & time management

Decisions are easier when you know what you value.

Excellent managers know how to make timely, wise decisions. About your team, about how to spend your time and ultimately about what makes you happy.

Our structured process reveals the values that drive you.  We show you the psychological reasons behind your behaviour.  This gives you a solid basis for making wise decisions.

Then we help you get the best return from your time.

We help you decide what’s really important, and spend your time accordingly, giving you back control of your time.

One senior manager saved hours by delegating more. We gave her coaching skills so she could train team leaders to take on much of the management, freeing her to plan the department’s strategy.


Assertiveness Skills

Some people find it easy to be assertive socially, but don’t speak up in front of senior managers or clients.  Others find it easy to state their views at work, where there is a clear hierarchy, but sometimes become a people-pleaser socially.

Being assertive helps you:

  • Come across with authority and confidence
  • Stand your ground with clients
  • Make yourself heard


Free-style: discover unknown unknowns!

Sometimes the key lies in what you don’t know that you don’t know! 

During coaching, many self-aware managers are surprised to discover things about themselves that they hadn’t realised. 

We begin with a simple diagnostic exercise to identify where to focus efforts to give you the best return. 

We help you uncover ‘unknown unknowns’ and develop a plan of action to address gaps. 

Free-style coaching can start anywhere and take you somewhere you didn’t expect. It’s all about exploring what makes you tick!

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