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How does executive coaching work?

Coaching gives people the tools and confidence to change.  It helps people notice assumptions, habits and attitudes that may be holding them back.  Often, coaching enables people to change more rapidly than traditional training does, because it is bespoke to each individual’s situation.  No wonder the CIPD’s 2011 research found that 86% companies now use coaching.

The session begins by choosing what outcomes to focus on.  A session typically lasts 90 minutes and ends with the coachee choosing action points that will embed their new learning.  Subsequent sessions begin by reviewing the results from the previous session.


Is coaching one-to-one or in groups?

Each unit can be delivered either one-to-one or in small groups of up to six people.  For example, one client asked Insphere to present the “Handle challenging conversations” module to five managers as a group. Then we followed up with one-to-one sessions to help each manager apply new learning and techniques to his or her role.


What return on investment could I expect from executive coaching?

Coaching is so effective because it is tailored to you and your requirements.

As a result of coaching she received whilst she worked in sales, Sarah won multi-year contracts worth £60,000+ from a banking client.  Through careful questions, Sarah realised she had been avoiding a challenging buyer for fear of possible repercussions.  Coaching equipped her with the confidence and influencing skills she needed to negotiate a win-win outcome.  That sale alone delivered a 17-fold return on the £3,500 she had invested in coaching.


What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming – the study of how language affects the brain.  Sarah uses NLP techniques to help clients achieve their chosen results more quickly.


What will executive coaching cost?

Coaching is tailored to your needs. We would welcome an introductory conversation with you - without charge - to explore:

i) where you want to get to, and what you might need to get there

ii) how we can help you achieve your goal

Coaching is particularly powerful when you have regular sessions, because it offers you the opportunity to be held accountable for achieving your aims.  Or as one client put it, “If I set myself an action point in our coaching session, I’ll do it. By myself, I won’t!”.  We therefore recommend blocks of 6 or more coaching sessions.

We pride ourselves in making excellent coaching accessible, so we discount significantly for non-profit organisations and for individuals who hire us privately. Please ask us about what rates might look like for you.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements or for a quote.