Essential Sales Skills

Open relationships confidently, know your clients more deeply and develop new business.

Essential Sales Skills:

Cold calling techniques

A great ‘cold’ call helps you connect with someone you might never otherwise speak to – that elusive decision-maker or influencer. 

Those who create new business relationships are very valuable to their organisation.  Excellent cold-calling skills help you build a strong pipeline of new business and close more deals.

We help you make a strong start to each conversation, qualify each lead effectively and help clients get what they want quickly.

As a result of our sales coaching, one tele-sales executive reduced the number of initial rejections by 40% - and increased the number of requests for further information by 20% - simply by changing the way he opened calls.


Perceptive questioning & listening skills

Move your client relationships from a simple transaction to a partnership. 

For clients to treat you as a partner, you’ll need to listen to them. Find out their goals and what drives their decisions. 

That’s where Insphere can help.  We show you how to create powerful questions that get to the heart of what your client wants. 

Our questions are based on modern psychological techniques that go deep quickly - even when you have little time.

Then we demonstrate how active listening skills help you perceive what your client really means.


Pitch persuasively

A strong pitch enables you to persuade others.  By consistently pitching well, you build your reputation, position yourself as an expert, and even increase your value to your organisation.

Working on a situation you face, we lead you through a 4-step process to clarify what you want to say, how to grab their attention and when to make a clear call to action and how to deliver it with impact.

To increase your impact, you can follow this unit with Assertiveness coaching. See our Career Development pages for details.


Handle objections

How do you prepare for tough questions?  Working on live situations, we explore what’s beneath each question and equip you to give strong answers.

You’ll discover the importance of changing ‘features’ to ‘benefits’ and – crucially - practise selling value rather than price. 

Together, we explore creative ways to overcome obstacles – including how to work with ‘gatekeepers’ – so you can explain how you add value to their business.


Pacify an angry customer

Sales and Account Managers can often be intimidated by angry customers. (Unfortunately, a few negotiators use anger as a tool of manipulation.)

First, we help you control your emotions in 3 steps.  This helps you think clearly.

Next, you’ll learn how to build rapport quickly with someone who is angry - and pacify them. 

Finally, you’ll practise using positive language to show you’re in control of the situation and resolving issues proactively.


Recognise buying signals & close

When a prospective client asks you to send them some information, how can you tell whether they are genuinely interested or whether they simply want to end the conversation? 

How effectively do you select which business to pitch for – and which to leave?

Focusing on your client base, we help you identify genuine buying signals. So you’ll be free to focus your attention where you can get the best return. 

Working through our simple Closing Checklist, we help you avoid common pitfalls. (For example, some sales people try to close a deal before they’ve really opened it.)  You’ll come away understanding when and how to close a deal well.

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