Handling Conflict

Understand yourself and others better. Discover a simple tool to guide you through sensitive conversations.

This NEW learning module helps people:

  • Increase Self-Awareness
  • Build Empathy
  • Develop Conflict Communication Skills

Workplace conflict is common and can have substantial negative effects for individuals and organisations. High levels of relationship conflict (personality clashes) are associated with lower morale and employee wellbeing, lower productivity and higher staff turnover, all of which impact organisational profitability[1].

Online communication is known to trigger conflict.

Organisational restructuring and online communication are known to trigger conflict[2]. Both are increasing. Online communication is essential for homeworking. Organisations need to respond to prevent relationship conflict and encourage constructive communication.

This learning module helps you and your teams develop greater:

  • Self-Awareness – discover how your own assumptions and habits can fuel conflict


  • Empathy & the ability to consider other perspectives under pressure


  • Insight into the causes of conflict - and why approach is better than avoidance


  • Communication Skills – to help you find the best way forward

These benefits align with the findings of my research into how coaching helps executives handle workplace conflict[3].

This module can be delivered virtually or in person to whole teams or individuals. Participants learn a simple conversational tool to help them discuss problems and find the best way forward.

Please get in touch to find out more about how this learning can help you and your teams reduce relationship conflict and build stronger working relationships.

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