Influencing Skills

Discover how people make decisions, pitch your ideas persuasively and negotiate effectively.

What you will learn from Influencing Skills coaching:

Five Keys to influence

“How can I influence my CEO?”  At some point during coaching, most clients ask this question.  Sometimes, a great idea alone isn’t enough to get your CEO’s buy-in. 

We arm you with five practical ways to increase your influence.  This starts with effective questions which uncover what’s most important to your CEO.

After all, how can you influence someone unless you know what they want?


The psychology of decision-making

Discover modern psychological research into how people make decisions.  (Hint: it’s not based on logic, no matter what they tell you!)  We help you apply these insights so you structure your proposals more persuasively.

You’ll discover how to present your ideas in a listener-focused way.  Then we share NLP techniques to enable you to connect with people quickly and effectively.


How to speak persuasively

What outcome do you want?  Being persuasive requires a clear call to action.  We help you decide what you want – and overcome perceived barriers to success.

One manager struggled to persuade her CEO to support a change because she hadn’t (yet) chosen a clear goal.  She knew what she didn’t want – but didn’t know what she wanted instead. 

Coaching enabled her to create a clear, compelling proposal - and deliver it with impact.

To increase your impact, you can follow this unit with Assertiveness coaching. See Career Development for details.


Negotiation Skills

Good negotiation starts with knowing what the other person wants.  And what you want.  We share a checklist of 5 questions you must have answers to before you start negotiating. 

We help you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and understand what ‘wins’ they need. 

Using roleplays, we show you how you can reach a win-win outcome.  And change business relationships from ‘transactions’ into partnerships.  

Read a Case Study of how one lawyer from a global professional services firm used pitching skills in negotiations.


Body language for better communication

“Unless you have the innate ability or have learned to read body language, the chances are you’re missing most of it” A&B Pease, The Definitive Book of Body Language

This unit shows you what peoples’ body language reveals about how they feel.  And we help you manage the non-verbal signals you send out.

For example, we show you how your body language can encourage an open sharing of views. And how you carry yourself to boost your confidence and project a positive image.


Raise your profile

Sometimes, hard work alone isn’t enough to secure you the promotion you want. The right people need to know about your contribution.  This may mean stepping out of your comfort zone and talking about your success. 

We equip you to network effectively inside and outside your organisation.

We help you think and act like a leader.  You’ll discover how small changes to your language can increase your impact. And we enable you to make simple - yet profound - shifts in how you see yourself, to help you own your seniority.

By putting our checklist into practise, you can raise your profile at work and make positive strides towards your goal.

Read a Case Study of how one Senior Manager increased her influence with a key client.