Management Communication

Build rapport easily, handle challenging conversations and motivate your team.

Executive Coaching in Management Communication shows you how to:


Four communication styles

“People like people like themselves.”

Do you find one colleague - or client - harder to persuade than others?

Research based on the psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s work identifies four styles of communication. Most of us use one or two styles which come naturally.  Developing all four communication styles enables you to build rapport with everyone – even with ‘difficult’ people.

We identify your preferred style. Then we share simple ways to build rapport with – and influence – your colleagues and clients. Even if they are very different from you. 


Build rapport easily

Being in rapport with someone enables you to say things you couldn’t otherwise say.  Rapport is like a bridge connecting you with another person; the stronger it is, the more it can take.

This unit equips you with practical techniques to build rapport quickly. Whether on a one-to-one phone call with a client, an email requesting help, or giving a presentation to the Board, we help you build rapport.

Working on live examples, we analyse what you say and how you can use your voice and body language to create the impression you want.


Motivate your team

To get the best from your team, you need to understand what drives each individual.

One Management Consultant was astonished what happened when she changed her questions. Faced with little time, she usually told people what she thought - rather than asking for their views. 

Instead, she began her next meeting with a senior colleague by asking a few simple questions. 

Their relationship was transformed. 

He shared what he wanted to achieve – and a few honest doubts.  The information she discovered enabled her to make a better decision.

At Insphere Coaching, we share powerful questions that get straight to the heart of what motivates your team.  

Our questions are based on modern psychological techniques that go deep quickly - even when you have little time. Put simply, you’ll change conversations from ‘transactions’ into partnerships.  


Handle challenging conversations

As a leader, you sometimes have to make or implement unpopular decisions.  We help you take people with you.

We help you prepare - and deliver - difficult news sensitively. And support your team through times of change. 

You will gain confidence to tackle conversations that you may have avoided. Working on practical examples, we help you plan what to say and how to say it.  You’ll be relieved to discover how simple changes make a big difference.


Giving feedback that gets results

Coaching helps you give feedback that gets results.  Day by day and at performance appraisals.

First we clarify what changes you want to see in your team.  A positive attitude, strong communication skills, better performance.

Working on practical examples, we help you plan what to say and how to say it.  You’ll be relieved to discover how simple changes make a big difference.


Coach your team to success

Managers who coach are among the most effective managers.  Coaching is all about asking questions that change the way people think. 

Change your questions and you change your team.

We introduce you to simple, open questions that empower your team to create solutions for themselves. We even show you how to ask tough questions and stay in rapport.

You’ll learn coaching techniques so you can coach your team to excel.  You’ll help them overcome barriers to success, set ambitious goals – and achieve them.

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