Sales Skills

Discover the psychology of buying, build deeper client relationships and develop new business.

We help you explore new approaches, overcome barriers to performance and embed new skills.  Change your habits, change your results!  Coaching can be delivered one-to-one or in small groups.

Who we work with

We coach three distinct groups:

  1. Sales and Account Managers

    • Our principal means of helping you win new business is via our  Essential Sales Skills  and Advanced Sales Skills modules.
    • Essential Sales Skills enables you to open new relationships with confidence, get to know your clients more deeply and close new deals.
    • Advanced Sales Skills equips experienced relationship-builders to build deeper client partnerships, pitch more persuasively and negotiate better outcomes.


  1. Sales Directors and Sales Managers

    • A further stand-alone unit is available for those who lead sales teams. Sales Leadership Coaching equips Sales Directors and Sales Managers to motivate and coach their team to success


  1. Directors, Partners of law firms, Accountants

    • Business Development for Partners equips those who don’t work in sales - but are responsible for winning business - to open new client relationships and develop new business.


Sales Leadership Coaching

Your sales team is facing a tough market.  Your business may be trying to ‘do more with less’. 

As a Director, you may be under pressure from management to deliver more sales with fewer resources. 

Meanwhile your sales team may complain of fewer opportunities, tighter budgets and more difficulty in getting prospects’ attention.

In tough times, the best-equipped sales people rise to the top.  You and your team have an historic opportunity to make an impact. 

So what can you do? How can you motivate your team as they fight for prospects’ attention to win new deals despite tighter budgets?

Motivation starts with you - their leader.  In a stand-alone personal coaching session, we equip you with ways to inspire, challenge and encourage your team to excel.  We recommend combining this with units from our Management Communication and Influencing Skills modules. This will equip you to support your team most effectively as they work through Essential and Advanced Sales Skills.

We also analyse your team’s development needs, and partner with you to help you grow your business.

Read our Case Study of how a Business Development Director discovered new motivation.