Insphere Coaching combines psychological insights with practical techniques to help you:

  • Communicate persuasively
  • Build better relationships
  • Win more business

Insphere’s primary means of delivery is through the following modules:

Each module comprises six 90-minute coaching sessions.  You are welcome to blend six sessions from any of the modules to suit your requirements. 

Alternatively, we will create a bespoke programme for you.


Identify what will make a difference to you

Sometimes the key lies in what you don’t know that you don’t know!  That’s where Insphere can help.  During coaching, many self-aware directors are surprised to discover things about themselves that they hadn’t realised. 

We begin with a simple diagnostic exercise to identify where to focus efforts to give you the best return.  For some, this means discovering ‘unknown unknowns’ and developing a plan of action to address gaps.  For others, it involves identifying your strengths so you can focus your energy most effectively. 

Discover how we help you develop your influencing skills