Insphere helps clients develop their management skills, increase their influence, and progress their career.

“Thanks for the session yesterday. It was very good, particularly your facilitation of it. As a result I have taken away a very different way of looking at everyday situations. Realising that giving pitches and providing feedback are not isolated to occasional meetings, but form a continual part of the many interactions at work and beyond. How we persuade, influence and motivate those around us is very important.

The session was excellently facilitated, allowing everyone to contribute. It gave me some very useful tips and frameworks grounded in actual examples. These have better prepared me for how to approach my own situations with greater awareness of myself and others.”

Mark Goodchild, Managing Director, Challenge Partners


“Sarah worked with the managers who oversee our customer contact centre, special projects and debt recovery for our client, a leading Northern Ireland Public Sector Utility Customer.  Our managers valued and benefitted from the opportunity to take time out to reflect on their role and choose practical ways to deliver Echo’s services even more effectively.  

Coaching helped one manager remain calm in high-pressure situations, leading to better team relationships. Another realised she needed to delegate more; this will help her get more from her own time and from her team.

Sarah’s approach and experience was used to assist each of the Managers to learn new techniques to help them with their individual development needs. I would recommend Sarah’s coaching to any who want to get more from themselves and their teams.”

Jim White, Managing Director, Echo Managed Services Ltd


"Sarah works with our managers each month, equipping them to communicate with influence and get the best from themselves and their teams.

Her coaching is insightful and practical. As a result, managers now communicate more assertively in management meetings and have grown in confidence.  One has liberated 2 hours every week by delegating more effectively.  Another learnt to manage team members who have very different styles of communicating.

Last year Sarah coached our sales and account managers, helping them build rapport with each individual customer.  By putting her suggested techniques into practice, one telesales executive doubled the number of calls he made each day. Small changes to his sales approach resulted in an additional 10% prospective customers asking for information on how Caxton FX can help them.

I would highly recommend Sarah's coaching to senior management and to sales teams."

Jane Emma Peerless, Director of People, Caxton FX


“This has worked really well.  Two or three things occurred to me today which would never have occurred outside this context. Your coaching process gets me to think in a completely different way.”

John Patience, CEO, The Nehemiah Project


“I have a pressurized job working for a financial services corporate firm. It's a politically charged atmosphere, with frequent change. I came to Insphere Coaching because:

  • I was concerned that I was not working to my key strengths
  • I often felt uncomfortable at work
  • To boost my self-confidence - although I was unclear on exactly which part of it I wanted help to improve

 What did I gain from coaching?

Sarah has a very personal, mature and experienced approach, and a deep understanding of my working atmosphere from her own career history.  She was great at working with me to identify issues we could explore. Almost immediately we found parallels between my lack of self-confidence in meetings held at short notice and my Analytical strength, which includes perfectionist traits.  We discussed how I could use my strength more fully.

“As I've become more conscious of my preference to have the facts, I cope better even when I don’t have them.”

As a result, I'm more comfortable making decisions, and have gained confidence in communicating my preferences to colleagues. In fact, as I've become more conscious of my preference to have the facts, I cope better even when I don’t have them. Sarah also recommended keeping a diary of positive feedback to boost my confidence. This has been very helpful as I have used it to measure circumstances when I've drawn on my Analyst strength to add value.

I heartily recommend Insphere Coaching for the following reasons:

  • Friendly, 'safe' and confidential environment where no comment seemed silly.
  • Deep understanding and empathy with my situation, coupled with the ability to get to the heart of it through a gentle, non-intrusive questioning technique
  • Tangible tactics to take away and implement to help me address the issue
  • Positive impact on my mind-set, behaviours and results in my job after the session

Marketing Manager, UK retail bank


"The sign of a good coach is when you reach the light bulb moment and feel illuminated. Insphere helped me reach new personal heights quickly and effectively. Thanks Sarah."

Jamie Drewett, Head of Sales, Insurance


"I initially reached out to Sarah to improve my confidence in client-facing situations, but this broadened throughout the sessions to tackle other personal development goals too. The sessions helped uncover the root cause of areas I was less confident in, allowing me to address them. This resulted in an increased understanding of my own strengths, enabling me to grow in confidence. It also gave me tangible actions I could take to ensure good momentum between sessions and after the coaching finished. Thanks for all your help!"

Managing Consultant, Clarasys


“Sarah and I met over 5 months. Her superb listening skills meant she asked insightful questions which helped me understand and take new control over my reactions at work. She helped me see my closest working relationships in a new light. This transformed some of my behaviours and gave me confidence to draw stronger boundaries with difficult people. My colleagues commented that I had become easier to work with.  And I noticed an increased professionalism across the team.

"I have already recommended Sarah to others and wouldn't hesitate to do so again."

Mary Pizzey, Director, Simplicity Consulting


“I found the coaching session extremely interesting, both for the outcomes and also the approach taken.  I certainly didn’t expect to end up where I did!”

Darell Miller, Regional Sales Director Europe, Avox


"I've come home inspired and motivated to engage with managing my team."

William Snagge, Specialist Support Team Manager, Mind



"Sarah's coaching session was an incredibly insightful experience.

"Although originally sceptical, I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how useful Sarah’s coaching was. Through careful and subtle questioning she was able to draw upon key pieces of information and experiences to help me understand how I can best approach certain professional and personal situations. The thought processes were already there, she provided the tools to unlock them.

“Applying these findings has made a material difference across the board. Highly recommended."

Partner, Financial Services firm


“Sarah has really improved my personal awareness and, through this, my performance by encouraging me to challenge my own assumptions and use better communication.  I have found working with her extremely beneficial.”

Matthew Page, Head of HR, Mind


"Sarah's coached Sales Managers from three of our companies, helping them get under the skin of their key customers.  As a result, our sales people now have stronger client relationships and have uncovered several new business opportunities."

Caroline Green, Group Finance Director, Metalrax PLC


“I met with Sarah 5 times over a three month period.  We explored my sales relationships and sales approach using general examples, real-life anecdotes from my own experience, and current opportunities.  Our conversations revealed the impact that assumptions had on my thoughts and decisions, and practical advice and techniques that prompted some immediate actions.

I recommend Sarah to any that believe they can do better and achieve greater things through strengthening business relationships with their clients.  Her depth of knowledge and breadth of experience, combined with a conversational, personalised and practical approach make this much more than sales training.” 

Vinod Bhatia, Director, Paragon Simulation


“Thanks again for taking time to train the team. We really appreciate it and the feedback has been very positive.”

Lucy Griffiths, Head of Client Liaison, Interactive Data


“I’ve been putting lots of your pitching training into practice this week in my interview with Richard and Judy! I can’t tell you how much that session you ran has come in handy. So, so useful!” 

Joanna Rossiter, Author of The Sea Change


“I now make double the amount of calls per day. Sarah’s coaching has helped me to hit targets and exceed expectations.”

Nathan Cook, Corporate Sales, Caxton FX


“I didn't know what to expect from coaching but after just one session Sarah helped me to gain control over my professional life and I found the motivation that I had been lacking for quite some time. I wish I had gone to her sooner and would definitely recommend her services. I have been truly amazed by the results!”

Manager, Cargo Underwriting Agency


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