Our coaching is grounded in our values. We value people, relationships built on trust and open communication.

Build relationship first.  True leaders take people with them. Some managers feel they don’t have time to build relationships.  We give you some great questions that get straight to the heart of what motivates your team – even when time is short.  We help you build rapport quickly and (only then) put your point across effectively.


Ethical influence. We all influence others all the time. We can’t not influence people!  It’s how you use it that counts.  Insphere Coaching offers ethically-minded business men and women a voice they can use for good. Insphere Coaching adheres to the European Mentoring & Coaching Council's Code of Ethics.


Dare to be vulnerable. There is incredible power in letting people see the real you.  It inspires trust – and leads to long term relationships. Strong leaders dare to show their strengths and their weaknesses.  We show you how.


Be honest. Relationships start with trust.  We believe the way to build a long term relationship is to be open.  We equip directors to get beyond simple ‘transactions’ towards partnerships: with their clients, their team members and their CEO.


Believe the best.  Assumptions underpin your every decision. - Assumptions about what you can and can’t do, what is or isn’t possible, even about what you deserve!  Many of those are positive; a few aren’t.  When you can’t get breakthrough despite your best efforts, you may be fighting against conflicting values or limiting beliefs.  We help you identify the assumptions that drive your decisions and replace them with beliefs that empower you and release you to act.


Know yourself. Knowing your strengths gives you confidence to be yourself. And it frees you from having to be best at everything.  Successful business men and women achieve much more because they focus their efforts on what they do best. Understanding what’s really important to you enables you to make tough decisions. 


Lifelong learning.  We love discovering new ideas! New ideas create energy. They challenge us and spur us on to achieve more. We love introducing our clients to new ways of thinking. We offer you an inspiring view of your future, and challenge and equip you to pursue it.