Why Insphere Coaching?

Insphere Coaching enables you to increase your influence within your sphere.

Why Insphere Coaching?

We take the best of modern psychological learning and apply it to the business situations you face.

Ultimately, having influence means persuading others to act.  Many business leaders get executive coaching because they want their opinions to be heard and acted on.  Coaching gives them a confident voice.

We share recent thinking into how people make decisions. (It’s not based on logic, no matter what they tell you!) 

Then, we equip you with practical techniques you can put to work immediately to be assertive and speak persuasively.


Relationship-based approach

At Insphere we take a relationship-based approach to executive coaching. 

We build strong relationships with each of our clients.  And we’re dedicated to helping you strengthen relationships with your colleagues and clients.

As one Managing Director put it, Sarah’s coaching combines “her depth of knowledge and breadth of experience…with a conversational, personalised and practical approach”.

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